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Many of our customers want a fully customized website design.

We think that's super smart.

While templates can work well for some, they usually can't meet all of the necessary requirements that come out of our strategic planning process. NerdyMind has been in the web design game for a long time now, and we've learned that hacking away at templates makes them more and more unstable over time, causing disruptions in business and potential security issues. This is why we stick to custom builds—it allows us to control the quality while building a flagship website that truly performs and drives sales activity.

Custom Web Development Services
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Make your website work for you.

We give a darn about your sales process.

Junky templates and poorly-developed websites can have a very negative effect on sales performance. Our job is to focus on lead acquisition by formally addressing your customers and then tailoring an experience to them. From "user scenarios" to navigation planning, our process has created websites that are driving millions of dollars in sales for our customers.

We help maintain your SEO and data through the website redesign so sales activity is not disrupted.

Finally, a web design company that has a plan for SEO.

Have you invested in SEO for your business? If so, chances are you'll want to work with a web design company that has extensive experience with it. Since SEO is one of our core services, we understand the impact that a new website launch can have on organic traffic and rankings. We have a process that is meant to lighten that impact—your business doesn't have to be disrupted after a new website launch.

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Craft CMS

We are a proud Craft CMS Development Partner.

NerdyMind was an early adopter of Craft, and we're proud to say that we were one of the first companies to join their partnership program. Craft CMS truly cares about the creation of quality websites and online experiences. They have created a framework that has low code overhead, and the content management experience is extremely intuitive. Most people think of WordPress when they want a new website, and many times that is a wonderful solution. However, we've found that Craft CMS is a better fit for many custom projects. Contact us today to discuss!

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