Reason to love Craft CMS #1:

Craft websites are wicked fast.

It's written with low overhead and intelligent code structures.

Word on the street is that your website load speed can affect how your website ranks in search engines. Google's Page Experience update launched in June of 2021, and it's all about offering web users a smooth digital experience. Craft CMS is known for speed, whereas WordPress can sometimes be heavy and slow.

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Reason to love Craft CMS #2:

Empower the creative process.

Craft is all about great design.

There is no "theme marketplace" for Craft CMS. It's a framework created for custom-crafted designs, and the code facilitates that very nicely. We love developing in Craft because it requires a bit more skill than WordPress to implement.

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Reason to love Craft CMS #3:

Don't stress about updates every month.

Do you seek a Craft CMS developer who can keep your website safe?

Even websites that we built on Craft 1.0 are still running strong with very little support. We always suggest an ongoing maintenance plan for any website that we build, but the team at Craft CMS created an extremely secure system that doesn't require constant attention.

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