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The app development team at NerdyMind teamed up with the Natural Resource Ecology Lab at Colorado State University to create an app that facilitates citizen science projects all over the world. Researchers can make their data public, recruit other scientists to join their research projects, and more with just a few buttons. The app also hosts a litany of amazing, fascinating scientific projects (over 1,000) that anyone can review. The vision for this app started when a team of researchers wanted to get more scientists involved with their study of invasive species in our national parks.

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NerdyMind was proud to help with this project, which uses React Native, Tailwind, and Laravel for the back-end.

What kind of "stack" do we use?

Most mobile app development companies have their go-to frameworks and languages.

Since we work with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to funded start-ups and solopreneurs, we use an assortment of frameworks to engineer mobile apps including React Native, Vue.js, Angular, Laravel, Tailwind, and more. Basically, we love to solve business problems with digital solutions.


What's our methodology?

Phases. Sprints. All that jive.

When we're gathering requirements, we're diving into your resources, your systems, the users, the functions, and much more. Our PM team creates a project plan with sprints and releases, and our app engineering team makes things happen. If we're also in charge of UX and design, we create wireframes and prototypes.

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We were hired by CenturyLink to create an Angular front-end for one of their internal applications.

Even though they are huge, they see the value of working with a boutique agency.

When CenturyLink needed an intuitive, well-designed front-end for one of their internal sales tools, NerdyMind was a great choice. Our app and UX design teams worked directly with their programming team to design the digital experience and then bring it to life with Angular. The talented team at CenturyLink then took care of the back-end programming.

"We hired NerdyMind for a complete redesign of an internal application. This was a very complex project, yet NerdyMind delivered on time and on budget. Their responsiveness, attention to detail, and ability to execute are second to none."

- CenturyLink Team Member

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