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The team at Deines Custom Door was looking for a simplified design that utilized their newly-designed brand. We teamed up to create a website that communicates elegance and quality to match their offerings.

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The Issue:

The website was not utilizing the new brand standards, so it wasn't synced up visually. It was also using a very old version of WordPress so it was unstable and not secure.

The Solution:

Our simple "NerdyBlocks" starter theme was created with the lowest code overhead possible. This means it is fast and easy to customize. We have a library of content blocks and templates, the possibilities are endless.

The Result:

Their website is now well-branded, fast, secure, and easy to manage. The team is fully empowered to make website updates, and NerdyMind continues to help with keeping WordPress up to date and secure.

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WordPress was the answer.

And our version is super fast because it's low-code.

It's no secret that the NERDS of NerdyMind love WordPress. For content managers, it's super intuitive and easy to use. Our team has experience on both sides of WordPress—we're content managers and designers/developers. This allowed us to craft a WordPress admin that makes sense for the group over at Deines Custom Door. We wanted to empower them to take old products down, add new products, create portfolio pieces, post blogs, craft custom pages with ease, and more.

We continue to partner with Deines Custom Door.

Our WordPress development services always include an option for ongoing WordPress maintenance. We offer tailored maintenance services to all of our website customers, so it doesn't have to stop at launch. A website is never done, and it's important to maintain WordPress for security purposes!

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