Ayesha Lamons:
Graphic Designer

After joining NerdyMind in 2013 as an intern, Ayesha found her passion in the world of web design. A year later, she graduated with a degree in Art from Colorado State University and became an official member of the NerdyMind family. As the Art NERD, Ayesha spends her time researching new trends to stay up-to-date with the fast pace culture of Graphic Design. She’s equipped to design under pressure and always strives to exceed client expectations. 

Ayesha spent her childhood watching her mother paint beautiful impressionistic landscapes in their house in Pakistan. Her creativity and love for art was cultivated at that time. Later, as a student at CSU, Ayesha would spend nights at CSU jamming out to music and exploring her artistic talents through woodwork and the printing press.

Prior to joining NerdyMind, Ayesha coached kid’s gymnastics with her siblings at a facility nearby. In her free time, Ayesha continues to engage in athletics. From community league volleyball and basketball to golf, Ayesha will try it all. 

Ayesha also has an affinity for travel, cheese, and hanging out with her family.