A custom WordPress build with all kinds of extras.

An interactive map with advanced filtering options, a simple (yet functional) business directory, downtown itineraries, and a customized events calendar are just a few of the bells and whistles that went into this project.

Downtown Fort Collins Website

The Issue:

The website was extremely outdated, unstable, and the team wasn't able to make very simple content changes without a wand and the help of a coding wizard.

The Solution:

We ran the team through our entire strategic website planning process to create a strong user experience, and the new design reflected the energy of our community more accurately.

The Result:

After proper training, the internal team is now able to manage the content of the website, and our unique functions are used by the community regularly.

The DDA team can build custom downtown itineraries with ease.

With their tailored content management system, it's easy to create signature events with maps, step-by-step itineraries, and more. This works great for the art walk, the foodie walk, historical downtown tours, and more (and it only takes mere minutes to create).

Custom WordPress Websites

WordPress was the answer.

It powers a lot of the internet.

Many of the DDA's team members already knew WordPress, so it was a very clear choice. It's powerful, customizable, and it is used by some of the largest organizations in the world. With a huge developer community and tons of pre-built integration points, WordPress is a go-to solution for many projects.

It takes seconds to add a community event.

Through our requirements gathering process, we learned that the team needed the ability to post events very regularly. Fort Collins is a vibrant community with a ton of really fun gatherings, and the DDA needed an easy way to post information about these occasions. We implemented and customized the Events Calendar plugin for WordPress, and it's been a wonderful solution that is used regularly.

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