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Don’t get tricked into only chasing after vanity data like impressions, traffic, and clicks.

These metrics are important to monitor, but revenue won’t increase unless conversions increase first. A strong conversion rate is the foundation we’re looking for; we don’t want to send more traffic to your website unless we feel confident that we can convert those visitors into prospects. At NerdyMind, we use several tools to find strong data, and we make recommendations to improve conversions based on our research and expertise.

In our opinion, there’s nothing quite like good ol’ human instinct and decades of experience.

We use a very healthy mix of technology and creativity to craft interesting test variations. Conversion rate optimization is about leaving no stone unturned—we believe that every online presence has room for improvement. Sometimes this can translate into serious revenue! Imagine doubling your revenue with the same amount of traffic—that's an offer no one could refuse.

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What do our CRO services look like?

We start everything off with a conversion point review of your current online property (or properties). Are you asking your users to do something on your website? What are you asking them to do? How does it all work? These are the questions we ask ourselves first and foremost. We don’t want to make any changes until we understand how things are currently working. Some examples of a conversion point are as follows:

  • Signing up for a trial period
  • Filling out a contact form
  • Submitting a quote form
  • Requesting a free audit

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Once we’ve mapped all of your current conversion points, we set up conversion tracking within your web analytics platform (such as Google Analytics).

This is so we can see the conversion rate of the website.

Sometimes this work is already done, but we’re never surprised when a company isn’t tracking conversions. At NerdyMind, the conversion rate of a website is the most important “health meter” of all. This metric drives our CRO efforts.

It would be downright irresponsible of us to start making changes until we understand how things are working right now.

This is an important benchmark.

If we see that the website is only converting at 1% or lower ... we should feel very relaxed about making changes. If only 1 out of every 100 visitors is reaching out, something is surely amiss. It could be the website design, it could be the overall brand, it could be the copy, or the website could be loading too slow. It’s fascinating how many obstacles there can be and what form they can take.


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CRO Services

While the data is tracking, we work with the sales team to understand the overall process of making a sale.

How is money made at the organization? That is to say, what are the steps someone needs to take to do business with you?

The question sounds funny, but a big part of our CRO services includes understanding the overall sales process so we can learn to FACILITATE it. In the digital sales world, the B2B prospect goes through a pretty long research process before they are ready to talk to your sales team. We need to give the potential prospect as much information as possible to build trust and educate them. Nobody knows the customers like the sales team, so it’s important to us to collaborate with them and use that knowledge for good.

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The internet has been around for a long time now. It has evolved right along with the people who use it.

Users are bored of pleas to “click here” and "learn more."

Sometimes a simple contact form does the trick, but it’s necessary to test many different calls to action to find the golden egg. There’s a lot of “noise” on the internet. We like to encourage our customers to offer something of value right away so they can build authentic trust and, hopefully, long-term business relationships. Research suggests that 57% of B2B purchasers will not reach out to a salesperson until they are over halfway through their research process. We have to offer the easiest, most simplistic experience in order to claim that "high score" and beat the competition.

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