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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Posted on September 14, 2020 | by Mary Merritt | Comments

I've had a series of potential clients come to me and tell me that they want to increase their organic traffic. It's always the first thing that folks want to talk about when they approach NerdyMind. In many cases, we see that the organic search traffic is solid, but the conversion rate is suffering. This is where Conversion Rate Optimization comes in.

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Alternative Search Engines To Google

Posted on September 03, 2019 | by Michael Grezlikowski | Comments

According to Statcounter, Google currently commands an impressive worldwide market share of 92.19%, making it the most popular search engine on Earth. Hopefully this isn’t news to anyone as I’m sure we were all well aware of Google’s dominance within the market. However, there are still a wide variety of search engines users can choose from.

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