The Nerds' Favorite Phone Apps

Posted on September 30, 2013 | by NerdyMind | Comments

Smartphones are pretty much required for nerds at this point, but not because we love talking to people...We love our apps. Of course you already know about the really popular apps like Facebook or Instagram, but ...

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Cart66 and ShareASale Integration

Posted on September 20, 2012 | by NerdyMind | Comments

Recently, we set out to integrate a WordPress eCommerce site running Cart66 with the ShareASale affiliate program and found the process to be less than sufficiently documented. After mulling over several options, we grudgingly settled on the ...

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Curious NERDS

Posted on August 02, 2012 | by NerdyMind | Comments

Here at NerdyMind, we appreciate NERD power in all of its forms. One great source of epic NERD power is NASA, and nothing from NASA is bigger on the NERD radar right now then the car sized ...

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