Place Your Logo Here: Smart Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Place Your Logo Here: Smart Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Posted on December 13, 2016 nerdymind

As a past participant of the Denver Convention Center I collected my fair share of swag items, some of which were impactful and others a complete waste. When thinking about giveaways try not to go the conventional route, such as pens, wristbands, brochures, tote bags, USB sticks, mousepads, notebooks or packs of gum. Feel free to use these items if they hold some special meaning that supports and strengthens your brand, but promotional items should generate publicity and illustrate meaning behind your product or service. Is your company playful? Corporate? Educational? What kind of culture does your brand stand behind? How does your brand differ from others? What do you want people to say or remember about your company? I would like to share with you some unforgettable and creative solutions I've stumbled upon.

1.  1OAK Technologies


During the 2013 international CES conference, our client 1OAK Technologies Tweeted about their 16 device promotional charging station. This solution got clients in the door and ready to talk to a 1OAK representative, while their mobile device was getting powered up. Pretty clever, right?

2.  ARTCRANK Denver 


ARTCRANK is a poster show of bicycle-inspired posters done by local talented artist. At the Denver Art Crank show the promotional giveaway was a screen printed shirt, but not just any screen printed shirt. A live interactive screen-printing station was implemented. Hundreds of consumerĂ¢â‚¬™s lined up to get their hands messy in exchange for this apparel (the design also displayed their sponsors, nice touch!) This was definitely a fun and engaging promo piece.

3. NerdyMind Marketing


During events we like to giveaway nerdy promotional glasses. This is a great conversation starter; it creates a humorous environment for our clients to feel comfortable and at ease. It also reinforces our brand and lets face it, they make you look smart too.

Just remember, when thinking about promo pieces what kind of message do you want to convey to your audience? Consumers are not walking billboards; engage them, interact with them and make their experience unforgettable.

Get creative and show off your brand!!!