The Nerds' Favorite Phone Apps

The Nerds' Favorite Phone Apps

Posted on December 13, 2016 nerdymind

Smartphones are pretty much required for nerds at this point, but not because we love talking to people...We love our apps. Of course you already know about the really popular apps like Facebook or Instagram, but you might not know about some of the Nerds' favorite apps.

DashClock Widget
Free for Android 4.2+
Recommended by Tony

One of the best new features of Android 4.2 is the addition of lockscreen widgets, and what better way to take advantage of them than to show lots of useful information? DashClock shows you time, weather, unread emails, text messages, calendar appointments, battery status, and lots more right on your lockscreen. Even better, there's an extension system that lets you add a number of other displays to DashClock if the built-in displays aren't enough, or the real nerds among us can write their own extensions.

Space Junk
$4.99 for Pro or $0.99 for Lite for Android
Recommended by Dan

Dan is a big ol' space nerd, and Space Junk lets him check out all the stuff you can see in the night sky. Similar to Google's free Sky Map app, Space Junk will help you identify stars, constellations, and planets, but it also adds the ability to junk like satellites and the International Space Station.

Movies by Flixster
Free for Android and IOS
Recommended by Mary

Look up showtimes, get movies reviews, watch trailers, and buy movie tickets...The perfect app for movie nerds to plan their weekend movie-watching.

Subsonic Music Streamer / iSub Music Streamer
Free for Android
Recommended by Kevin

"All your music - anywhere, anytime! Never sync again." That's the claim that Subsonic makes, and Kevin swears it's true. Subsonic Music Streamer lets you access your home media library on your phone by installing a program on your home computer that your phone can communicate with. In addition to streaming your music and video files, it will automatically download new podcasts for you.

Just so IOS users don't feel left out, iSub Music Streamer and Z-Subsonic are available on the App Store for $4.99 each which can connect to a Subsonic server.

Draw Something
Free for Android and IOS
Recommended by McKenzie

Channel your inner art nerd and play Charades with strangers...Or your friends who have the app.

Free for Android and IOS
Recommended by Chris

Evernote lets you share notes, to-do lists, and files across all of your computers and devices so you can keep all of your ideas organized and searchable no matter where you are.