The SeeUnity marketing department wanted more control over their website content.

Our solution was to build the company a new, custom WordPress website complete with a library of flexible content modules. Our goal was to enable SeeUnity's marketing team to easily edit and add pages, resources, and content on their own, while also allowing flexible content layouts on every page.

We collaborated with SeeUnity to deliver a fresh design and an optimized site architecture.

Our digital team worked with SeeUnity to build a user-friendly, search-optimized, conversion-focused web presence. We then modernized the website's visual design, making sure that the look-and-feel of the website properly reflected the intelligence behind the SeeUnity brand.


Updated Keywords and Strategic On-Page Search Engine Optimization

We worked with the SeeUnity team to uncover keywords and phrases their target audiences would be using to search for their software offerings, and we then created an onsite SEO website plan to optimize the website meta data around keyword themes. The SEO plan was designed to diversify the incoming organic search traffic with a wider range of topics, as well as provide searchers with a clear idea of SeeUnity's service offerings and value.

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