FAQ: Web Design

Here are some of our most common web design questions.

Our pricing is always tailored to your particular needs. We tend to learn a lot when we are afforded the opportunity to run a free audit for you. This audit will come with a pricing proposal for a tailored project. Would you like to chat with us about pricing? No problem. Schedule a chat with us today.

There are a lot of pricing linchpins when it comes to website redesigns. Do you need eCommerce on your website? Do you need integrations into your business systems such as CRM and/or an ERP? Do you need us to write the content and curate the images for you? We are more than happy to assemble a custom quote for JUST what you are looking for (nothing more, nothing less).

NerdyMind is mainly a custom WordPress shop (we also offer custom Craft CMS development). We feel that utilizing a pre-built theme can work for SOME, but most of our clients are looking for something unique. If we hack away at a pre-built theme too much, it becomes unstable and hard to maintain. We have a few options that we'd love to discuss with you. Contact us for a chat today!