We Are Listening

We Are Listening

Posted on June 02, 2020 Mary Merritt

As a business leader in our community, I wanted to take a moment to address what's happening in our country (now and for hundreds of years), and how NerdyMind plans to be an ally to people of color as we continue our journey through the status quo to the other side of racial inequality.

There's a unique and evolved type of racism that exists in our country today, and it's much more subtle than hate crimes and flat-out discrimination. This type of racism is extremely prevalent in our society, and it is even more dangerous because it is harder to see. It's tricky.

This is what we plan to do:

  1. We will continue to offer people of color equal opportunities for employment at NerdyMind.
  2. We will research our politician's platforms with more intensity, working hard to support political leaders who support people of color through various initiatives and programs.
  3. We will watch where we spend our money as a business more closely, and make sure we are not funding people or organizations who perpetuate inequality and hate.
  4. We will find ways to mentor people of color in our community.
  5. We will allow ourselves to be mentored by people of color in our community.
  6. We will listen. Even when things are hard to hear. We will listen.
  7. We will not ignore the problem any longer.
  8. We will work to remove stereotypes from our culture and our language.
  9. We will hold group discussions and support our employees who have questions and concerns.
  10. We will do our best to peacefully educate our peers when teaching opportunities arise.

These are hard, confusing times people! We need to use our creative minds for positive change more than ever. We have to start somewhere if we haven't started already. Join us.