These Are The Articles You're Looking For: 4 Helpful Articles From Our Dev Team

These Are The Articles You're Looking For: 4 Helpful Articles From Our Dev Team

Posted on January 26, 2022 nerdymind

While there are “tried-and-true” methods when it comes to basic coding, a wizard developer (or team of wizards) can be found somewhere, busy in their proverbial tower, crafting solutions for other developers. Because this realm is buzzing with news and updates, we put together a helpful guide—courtesy of our development team—with insights from our senior developer.

  • Tips & Best Practices for Laravel 8
    • This article offers a really nice, quick overview of some handy—sometimes, lesser known—functions and features of the Laravel framework to make life easier for developers. From local query scopes & request validators to mutators, there’s helpful information developers can use in nearly all of their projects. Moreover, the author does a good job of covering things beyond just the basics.

  • Build Secure PHP REST API in Laravel 8 with Sanctum Auth
    • This one is a tutorial, but the article offers a really nice, conclusive guide to setting up API authentication using Laravel Sanctum. Sanctum is fairly new to the Laravel ecosystem. Previously, a developer would need to use something like a JWT (JSON-web-token)—i.e.,—implementation to add API authentication when using Laravel as a back-end to a mobile application. Now they can simply use Sanctum.

    • Sanctum works wonderfully for API authentication, and we would argue it's much easier to implement for this purpose than the JWT solution mentioned above.

    • The article digs a bit deeper than the surface to provide a complete example of a working application to get the API flow working with Postman—another great tool we use often for testing API endpoints—which is great!

  • Inertia.js: Building Single-Page Apps the Old Way
    • This article is a tutorial and informational page of sorts—it does a great job summarizing why Inertia.js is so awesome and such a great companion to Laravel. Our senior developer would be the first to admit he’s fallen in love with Inertia.js and would be remiss to include it on this list.

    • Inertia.js saves developers from needing to build out a back-end API with a separate, self-contained front-end SPA. It also allows for an SPA that is more tightly integrated with the back-end, without needing to implement cumbersome front-end storage, routing, etc—all while still offering the benefits of a SPA. This not only helps speed up development, but also makes things a lot easier to follow in the code when tracing, debugging and adding enhancements.

  • Introducing Online Store 2.0: What it Means For Developers
    • Our developers were really excited to see this update, especially since it has been "coming soon" for years. Moreover, it’s a HUGE step in allowing theme developers greater flexibility on Shopify!

    • Something that is common in most CMS platforms these days: flexible sections/blocks/repeaters. These are essentially building blocks so developers can build dynamic pages from a subset of configurable sections. Shopify historically limited these types of pages to the homepage only. This meant that all other pages had to be built using static templates, or through the use of apps (aka plug-ins on platforms such as WordPress). This made it difficult for the end user to configure and for the developer to maintain.

These articles are just a handful of guides or updates our team found helpful in 2021. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power” and we love any opportunity to learn and grow as a team. At the same time, we enjoy seeing others grow too and wanted to share these articles with others.

Feel free to share any articles you found interesting in the comments section or reach out to us if you’re interested in learning how our developers can help you.