Small Business: Why You Need a Dedicated Marketing Employee

Small Business: Why You Need a Dedicated Marketing Employee

Posted on December 13, 2016 Mary Merritt

As a business owner, you probably think you can do it ALL. You're passionate about your brainchild, and you want to have control over every little piece of communication that revolves around your brand. I am here today to tell you that you're going to burn out really quickly. Unless you are starting a marketing company up, your expertise most likely lives somewhere else. For instance, if you are starting a custom home building isn't necessarily your forte.

The truth is: Everyone thinks they are amazing marketers. Because you know your business better than anyone, there couldn't possibly be someone out there who knows more about your market, right? I truly believe this to be one of the main causes of a business' premature demise. To have a marketing employee working with you in-house (even if only part-time), you are doing yourself a major favor. Not only does this free you up to do more business development and process-building, it also puts these important tasks into the hands of a professional who is willing to learn and adopt your vision.

Another truth: If you are going to work with a marketing company that has a certain specialty (let's say...SEO for the sake of relevance), it's absolutely wonderful to have an in-house marketing professional to interface with these vendors. Let's face it, even the most seasoned marketing people out there don't know it all -- some have more experience in digital tactics, and some folks have more experience in traditional marketing channels. If you can expand and contract based on your needs, it's simply beautiful to have an internal employee who can strategize with these other specialty companies (and communicate the company's goals very clearly, too).

Not only is this internal employee working their tail off for you, but they are also adopting your company vision more and more every day. They will adopt your goals as their own, and as long as the communication is really solid, you (the business owner) will certainly feel the positive effects.

So to all small business owners out there trying to do it on your own, invest in this person. Having a professional marketing employee on your side is a long-term investment that reaps wonderful returns.