Outsource Content Writing: It's Not All That Scary

Outsource Content Writing: It's Not All That Scary

Posted on December 13, 2016 Mary Merritt

Allowing someone else to write for your website requires a huge amount of trust. It feels nerve-wracking to hand over the style, tone and messaging of your company’s website or blog. After all, no one knows the company better than you. That’s why you should write, edit, format and publish all your website’s content yourself, right? Wrong. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, your business will benefit tremendously by enlisting the help of a professional writing team. Not just any writing team, mind you. But a team of professionals that use a powerful process to transfer your knowledge, experience and love for the business into written form.

That process looks something like this:

Schedule an Interview With You

A 30-45 minute interview gives our team leader the information needed to start writing. Here are some different insights we could gain during this interview:

  • Information for 3-5 website pages
  • Guidance to create a high-converting landing page
  • Knowledge to write 3-5 authoritative blog posts
  • A brainstorm for 3 months of blog topics
  • Insights to create a thorough case study
  • Research for 2-3 long-form blog posts

Depending on the project, this interview could go a variety of ways. However, regardless of its purpose, the result remains the same: we get the information necessary to craft content infused with your knowledge and passion.

Create + Edit Content

We take our notes from the interview and start the writing process. Our team works to craft web-optimized content that also speaks the language of your business and customers. Then, our editor looks over the final copy, formats it and gets it ready for delivery.

Many times, we are also taking the time to create an editorial calendar that outlines content needs for the next few months. At NerdyMind, we love working a minimum of 1 month out on all content (blogs, case studies, social posts, contests and more).

Send the Content to You (We Want You to Like It!)

You get the chance to review the edited piece. A good team wants your input, advice and constructive criticism on the writing. Some questions you might ask yourself when you see the piece:

  • Does this feel like my company?
  • Will it reach my target audience?
  • Do I like it?

Ultimately, you should feel overjoyed by the end product. If it doesn’t measure up, then it’s time to collaborate some more. It's okay if your writers don't nail it on the first try - that's what revisions are for! After time, the need for revisions happens less and less as the writers become more familiar with your taste.

Make Necessary Revisions

Sometimes, the team will simply need brief notes for small revisions. Maybe you didn’t like the tone or formatting. But there’s the rare occasion where they need to make a major change. When this happens, the team will schedule another interview and dig even deeper than before.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Succeed.

Publish Stellar Content

Once you feel satisfied, it’s time to publish!

This level of involvement means you know what’s happening each step of the way. You won’t have to worry about bad content and poor results. It won’t feel generic, off-topic or irrelevant to your vision.

It will speak in your voice, get infused with your passion and reach your target customers. And best of all, it will get written without you ever having to face the daunting task of conquering a blank page.

A Small Investment in Content Produces Big Results

Every business must kick their website up a notch. You know your business better than anyone, but that doesn’t mean you need to do the writing. It simply means you should partner with a company that involves you in the creative process. Great writing is important to NerdyMind, because we are customer acquisition people. Great writing means more engaged website visitors, which leads to more visitors taking a forward action (CONVERTING). Writing plays a huge part in this funnel process!

Doing this will give you a powerful edge over your competition. Your knowledge coupled with a professional writer means one thing: RESULTS. And who doesn’t want results?

If you need remarkable content for your website or blog, reach out to us today! We would love to work with your team to craft something truly outstanding.