LinkedIn Expanded Geo Targeting

LinkedIn Expanded Geo Targeting

Posted on January 15, 2020 Ashley Eining

This news is way overdue: LinkedIn has finally expanded their options for geo-targeting within their Advertising Manager Platform. 

Originally, campaigns and sponsoring material were only allowed to target Countries, States, DMAs, and a select few cities. But now you’ll notice when building a new campaign that the geographic locations capabilities have expanded to over 2.8M global locations. This new update includes but not limited to; Counties, Major Cities, DMAs, Metro Areas, States, and Countries. The only targeting options I see that are not included yet are Zip Codes and Neighborhoods. 

To select geo targeting within the Campaign Manager: 

  • Right after you define the objective of the campaign, within the Audience section you’ll start the campaign targeting by selecting the locations you’d like to serve to. 
  • Select the ‘+ Location’ under INCLUDE
  • Navigate through the list of locations or type in the search bar to quickly find specific geos
  • There is then an EXCLUDE section after that to remove any geos that you want to make sure you don’t serve to

These new geo options will help expand the capabilities businesses and advertisers have on LinkedIn and will help broaden the reach you have for your marketing.