Don't Be Like Veruca Salt: Internet Marketing Results Take Time

Don't Be Like Veruca Salt: Internet Marketing Results Take Time

Posted on December 13, 2016 Mary Merritt

Who was the worst character in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Veruca Salt of COURSE. I mean, come on. She was the WORST. Besides being a totally spoiled brat with a piercingly annoying voice, her character was really into INSTANT GRATIFICATION. As she was devilishly prancing around the geese that lay the golden eggs, I can still hear her evil little voice shrieking: "Give it to me NOW!" Spoiler alert: She falls down a trap door and nobody ever hears from her again. Talk about instant gratification (BURN).

So why do I speak about an obscure character from a brilliant 1971 film (and an even better book)? Well, Veruca Salt represents the philosophy that it is possible to get instant results for everything if you just throw more money around. Unfortunately with internet marketing and digital channels, you must understand that results take time.

First of all, the most commonly-known form of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). A lot of folks think that you can change some page titles, re-work a couple page URLs, splatter the same keywords all over your website, and then you will have higher page rankings the next day. Sorry to disappoint, Veruca (you beast)! SEO takes time, just like any other digital channel. There are some channels such as email marketing that will allow for more instant results, but even those require up front work such as building and segmenting lists and crafting an effective message.

Specifically with regard to SEO, business owners and marketing directors alike should understand that it takes constant monitoring, continuous updates and regular creation of engaging digital content to really get anywhere. For instance, if we run a client through our basic "SEO Foundational Exercise," we tell them not to expect anything for a minimum of 3 months. This gives the search engines time to crawl the new information on the site in order to gain a clear understanding with regard to the THEME of the website. There are some best practices that we can put in place for you, but it's not a "set and forget" type of situation.

Another note about SEO: Doing it fast is rarely synonymous with doing it right. Honest SEO will future-proof your business, and keep you safe from getting in trouble when search engines change their algorithmic madness. You want a short-term solution? You're definitely in the wrong headspace. There are plenty of companies out there who will take your money and engage in link-building exercises to get you an immediate spike in traffic. Then your site will be removed from the search engines and you'll realize the importance of being patient, intelligent and honest with your SEO. Sometimes the only way to learn a lesson is the hard way. We hope that isn't the case for any of you readers out there! If you heed this advice, you will remain safe and trap door-free.

Up until now, I have been talking about search engine optimization. However, there is a lot more to digital marketing than just search. There is your ever-important content strategy, email marketing, affiliate marketing, retargeting, paid search placement and more. Building a well-rounded internet marketing mix based on creativity and scientific data is just plain smart. It's a totally solid investment for your organization as long as you understand that each channel must be nurtured and properly managed in order to sprout wings.

Good luck from all of the NERDS! Watch out for the trap door.