Curious NERDS

Curious NERDS

Posted on December 13, 2016 nerdymind

Here at NerdyMind, we appreciate NERD power in all of its forms. One great source of epic NERD power is NASA, and nothing from NASA is bigger on the NERD radar right now then the car sized rover Curiosity.

Curiosity is NASA's newest and biggest rover and is set to touch down on the surface of Mars Sunday Aug 5th. It follows in the footsteps of NASA's twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity, which landed in January of 2004. Spirit and Opportunity were designed to last only 90 days, but instead toughed out more than 7 years on the surface. Opportunity is bigger, smarter, and tougher then either of these previous rovers, so with any luck it should be doing awesome science for years to come.

Curiosity isn't just interesting because it's 2.5 billion dollars of NERD powered, laser blasting, life seeking robotics, it's also cool for us web NERDS because of how thoroughly NASA will be covering the mission both on and offline. You can watch landing coverage streaming live, read tweets from Curiosity as it goes about it's mission, play an x-box game, and virtually experience Curiosity's day to day life with a browser based game. NASA will even be broadcasting the landing live in Times Square and locations around the world.

Getting your message out to the world takes a healthy mix of platforms and media. NASA has done a great job of coming up with lots of different ways to get their message out, and has been updating their content regularly. We hope you follow along with this impressive and exciting event!