AMA Lunch & Learn: Digital Marketing Mind Meld

AMA Lunch & Learn: Digital Marketing Mind Meld

Posted on May 18, 2017 Mary Merritt

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being on a panel for a lunch and learn discussion about digital marketing. The event was put on by the Northern Colorado AMA, and hosted by FC Mesh. My fellow panelists were Jeremy Green from Endo Creative, and Tyler Brooks from Analytive  - Tyler led the discussion.

Topics ranged from current marketing trends, social media, analytics, SEO, and more. A common thread throughout the discussion was the importance of data and informed iteration in digital marketing campaigns - everyone on the panel agreed that digital marketing always benefits from focusing on the right goals, tracking conversions, and changing and adapting campaigns based on data.

Tyler asked a number of provocative questions about the roles of a website and SEO in establishing a digital presence, and how relevant they still are today. It was my opinion that for a majority of businesses small and large, a website is still the cornerstone of an effective digital presence, and SEO can still play a key role in being found online. Owning and having 100% control over your content and data is empowering and enlightening. Also, understanding how and why big players like Google and Facebook are changing their products is important for everyone who works in digital marketing.

A number of discussions centered around social media marketing (both organic and paid campaigns), and alternatives to paying Facebook and the other platforms every time you want to connect with your audience. The group was also interested in discussing email marketing - both how to effectively market to an existing email audience, as well as email automation and drip campaigns for new subscribers.

After discussing key topics with the panel, the audience got involved and asked questions and furthered discussions including how to incorporate offline and digital marketing, how to determine the most effective channels to focus on, as well as a discussion of advanced metrics tools.

Thank you, Tyler and the NoCo AMA for putting on the event and inviting us to participate! It was a fun and informative lunchtime "mind meld," and we here at NerdyMind are hoping to participate in similar events in the future! 

P.S. thanks, Emma and Megan for coming along and participating in the discussion!