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No Tracking, No Ad Targeting, Just Searching

DuckDuckGo is one of the few search engines to really grow within the past several years. Just recently it crossed the 40 million searches a day mark back in July 2019; and for good reason! With privacy concerns growing in relation to search engines selling user data to advertisers Duckduckgo has always promoted privacy as one of its main core competencies and states that it will never track your data or sell it to advertisers. They even donate some of their profits to organizations that align with their belief about user privacy and raising the standard of online trust.


The Search Engine Trying to Save The World

Ecosia is a search engine that is trying to save the world! They donate 80% of their profits to plant trees across the globe in a mission to preserve the environment and fight carbon emissions.  According to their site it only takes an average of 45 searches for one tree to be planted and, as of August 2019, they’ve planted over 60 million trees in their mission. But that’s not all! Ecosia also believes in financial transparency as they release their monthly financial statements so you can track the money they earn and where they spend it.  Finally, like DuckDuckGo they also believe in search privacy, and don’t track your activity and sell to advertisers. This quadruple whammy makes Ecosia a very social and environmentally conscious company.

Providing Universal Access to All Knowledge

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library whose goal is to provide universal access to all knowledge. They provide free access to anyone and allow users to search their vast library of over 330 billion web pages, 4.5 million audio recordings, 4 million videos, 3 million images, over 200,000 software programs and 20 million books and texts. In fact, books and texts are their specialty as they digitize 1,000 books per day for download and borrowing in order to achieve their goal of universal access to knowledge. 

Safe Searching For Young Children

If you have a young child and are a bit concerned of letting them wander around Google freely, then KidRex could be a search engine for you. It’s a child friendly search engine that according to their site, “provide safety resources, tools and tips for the home family from kids through adults.” It filters out age-inappropriate content so you won’t have to worry about your child accidentally stumbling on unsuitable sites.

Helping Developers And The Internet

SearchCode is a more industry specific search engine that assists web developers and coders as a free source code search engine. You can filter out what type of language you’re looking for, or search through projects in GitHub, BitBucket, Google Code, and more. Taking inspiration from DuckDuckGo, Searchcode doesn’t sell your information to advertisers and only collects data on a few metrics outlined in their about page.  Finally, just like DuckDuckGo they donate 10% of their profits to free and open source projects, with the goal of helping keep the internet a place to acquire knowledge.

In Conclusion

These are only a few alternative search engines out of the plethora that exist outside of Google and its competitor Bing. Many of them advocate for private search and take initiative to making the internet, and world, a better place. Next time you’re searching through Google and can’t find what you’re looking for, maybe give one of these guys a shot and see what else is out there!

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