2020 Nerdy Holiday Shopping Marketing Recommendations

2020 Nerdy Holiday Shopping Marketing Recommendations

Posted on November 20, 2020 Ashley Eining

Are you overwhelmed yet by your email inbox? We’re still one whole week out from Black Friday, but the sales, discounts, & limited offers seem to have missed the memo, taken four espresso shots, and come at us full speed this year! 

It’s no surprise that this has been a different season for retailers. Different is even an understatement for small businesses and your local ma & pa stores. With in-store foot traffic being down due to stay-at-home orders and digital buying being up, businesses of all sizes need to win the attention of shoppers online. With the overwhelming competition, however, it might feel almost impossible to stand-out. We’ve rounded up a few personal recommendations that can help bring holiday success for your business: 

  • Win over Your Current Clients
    • The marketplace is already oversaturated and it will be harder to build brand awareness right now. We would recommend turning off higher funnel campaigns and focus media spend on remarketing ads to your past customers and continue the conversation across social media and email marketing. 
  • Don’t Feel the Need to Spam
    • Have you ever been to a holiday party and everyone is talking louder to be heard over the party noise? Well, that is the online marketing scene at the moment. Don’t feel the need to make your brand’s voice louder by posting more and sending more emails. Instead, focus your attention on the messaging and creating conversations. 
  • Stick to Your Bestsellers 
    • You know which products are the fan favorites, so put them at center stage. There is no reason to try and push the products that don’t sell as well during the next couple weeks. Keep the focus on the items you know your customers love!
  • Make it VIP (if possible)
    • If you’re able to share a discount at this time, broadcast it to your email list. You can promote it beforehand across social media with the message that hypes the exclusivity. For example, something along the lines of ‘Discount will be released in XX amount of time, but only to subscribers’ and encourage those who are not on the email marketing list to sign up. 

We know it is easy as a business owner to feel overwhelmed during the holiday season, but it’s helpful to focus on the areas where you can win instead of the whole internet. If you’re interested in speaking more about your brand’s marketing plan over the holidays, we’re always here to chat more over a (virtual) cup of coffee.