Getting started with outsourced PPC management is easy when there’s a process.

We engage in a lot of ad-serving platforms, but Google Ads is a wonderful place to start. Our process involves a deep-dive keyword discovery process, along with a focused competitive analysis, and of course creating a group definition of our ideal customer profile (ICP). When we experiment in Google Ads, we gain a solid idea of which keywords are converting, what audiences are performing at the highest level, what ad copy is getting the best click-through, and what landing pages are driving the most desired behaviors. In the end, we know it’s our job to send the sales team awesome leads.

These are the ad serving platforms.

Google Ads
Linkedin Advertising
Bing Ads

Keyword discovery means finding relevant, high-volume, low-competition keywords to attack.

Keyword discovery is an important, foundational part of the process. If your company has already done keyword research, we still like to run it through our steps to see if we shake anything else loose. The point of this exercise is to find keywords with great volume (how many times the word is searched every month), great relevance (keywords that perfectly describe your offerings), and low competition (so we can slide into a good position). There’s a strategy around this, and it sometimes pays off to stay away from highly competitive, expensive key phrases. Plus, if we’re going to pay $50 for a click, we better be ready with extremely refined content and a minimum 4% conversion rate.

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It’s not just about keywords, either. We can build audiences and serve them gorgeous display ads with a tested call-to-action.

Keywords are an important piece of the puzzle, but it doesn’t end there. There are look-alike audiences, in-market audiences, retargeting audiences, and more. These folks aren’t active “searchers” for your products and services, but these tactics are great for brand awareness. There’s also LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and in-app ads to consider!

Let’s address your sales funnel and facilitate it.

By addressing your sales funnel and working to facilitate your buyer’s journey, we are swimming with the current instead of against it. This is why we like to have a member of the sales team to collaborate with. Processing leads from digital marketing channels can be quite different than what was done in the past. What happens when someone lands on a website page and then fills out a form? That form should route to the right person so they can qualify/process the lead, schedule the appointments, and all that jive. When you find that these processes need some fine-tuning, we’re here to help.

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It never stops at the click.

We truly care what happens after someone clicks one of our ads. By thoughtfully absorbing data and making tweaks based on our findings, we are in a cycle of consistent improvement. This is where CRO (conversion rate optimization) comes into ALL of our digital marketing services. Sometimes we will find our click-through rates to be more than satisfactory, but our conversion rate still suffers. This can be caused by a couple of issues:

  • Our targeting needs some tweaking
  • Our landing page needs some work
  • Our CTA (call-to-action) is not compelling enough

Sometimes it can also be a design issue, where we find that our brand isn’t building enough confidence for a conversion. This has come up more than a few times in the past, which is why we have in-house graphic design services. Sometimes a fresh look at the brand and a small refresh can go a VERY long way.

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