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So many people are searching for their services, but not their BRAND.

With paid search, it's important to build a solid strategy around protecting the company's brand name (with branded campaigns)—but the actual PROSPECTING comes in when we target non-branded terms. Paid search brings in between 30-40 very targeted leads every month, and the cost per lead fluctuates between $45-$65.

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Google Stats for Lab Services Company

Are you tracking conversions?

We set up conversion tracking AND a full attribution model that lets Salesforce know where the contact's first touch came from (all the way through to the opportunity).

With the kind of positive domain authority and history that they had, we were excited to start building focused SEO pages.

We work with this organization to build pages that would NEVER be caught with "thin content" errors. We custom craft well-written, expertly-researched pages that capture researchers, educate them properly, and then funnel them into the organization's sales process.

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