KRFC Logo (re)Design Project

This local radio station is one of the few non-commercial, non-profit radio stations in the country. They brought in a new Executive Director who wanted to give the station a fresh attitude—their current logo was well-designed with a cool concept behind it, but it just didn't fit the direction the radio station wanted to go. The vision was to incorporate more of our AMAZING city into the design, along with peppering in a bit of vintage rebelliousness.


KRFC Old Logo


KRFC New Logo
KRFC Logo Bug
KRFC Button Style
KRFC Colors

Great brands are never complex.

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A lot of folks over-complicate branding. Our process has been engineered and refined with simplicity in mind.

You can spend weeks and even months having a million meetings with a million exercises and all kinds of documentation that ends up collecting dust in a drawer. NerdyMind's branding process is simple on purpose because we know how easy it is to let things get complicated—and brands aren't supposed to be complicated. Interested in learning more?

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