Nathan Schmidt:
Senior Web Developer

Nathan joined NerdyMind in 2016 as a Web Developer. With a background in graphic design Nathan has enthusiasm for bringing designs to life through the web. Nathan started in web development back when browsing the web on your mobile phone was considered incredibly futuristic. Since then he has developed his programming skills to become fluent in web development and web applications. He’s worked with JavaScript, React, Sass, HTML5, PHP, SQL and more!

Nathan studied Web Development, Web Design, and Graphic Design and has a passion for bringing user interface and user experience design to the forefront with development. Nathan’s creativity and up-to-the-minute knowledge on UX/UI and website design trends ensures NerdyMind delivers stunning and functional sites to our clients.

Born in Fort Collins, Nathan loves:

  • Spending time backcountry hiking with friends
  • Cooking all sorts of delish-ishness
  • Craft beer
  • Hanging out with family
  • Fabulous food
  • A good book
  • Re-watching Napoleon Dynamite for the twelfth time
  • The Walking Dead