Cruz Bay Watersports

Cruz Bay Watersports is an adventure tourism company located in the USVI (United States Virgin Islands). They offer SCUBA & snorkeling trips, sunset tours, private charters, boat rentals and more - and they knew that they needed a strong digital strategy to make the website drive more business for them.


A new website.

We simply can't expect our digital marketing tactics to work if we have a website that doesn't convert visitors. After reviewing the site data and going through our strategic website planning process, we built a website that converts at an average rate of 4%.



We manage paid search and paid social, but we also help with email marketing, content marketing, and regular website enhancements.

A conversion rate of 4% on the website.

That's right. Four out of every 100 visitors will take some kind of conversion action on the Cruz Bay Watersports website. Cruz Bay gets a solid number of leads every month from various digital channels such as paid search, paid social, remarketing, and of course organic search (SEO). The Cruz Bay marketing efforts also result in a consistently positive return on investment every month.



We're tracking phone calls, online bookings, and form submissions.

It's important to offer multiple options for your website visitors to make contact with you. Cruz Bay has private charter request forms, phone call tracking, a newsletter sign-up, and a 3rd party online booking system. Each of these contact options becomes a conversion point that we can report on every month.



We are building buyer confidence with a clean website design.

A well-designed website can make all the difference when you are looking to "level up" your business. A clean design builds confidence and value with your website visitors, inspiring them to interact with your brand.

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