Witnessing Performance in Real-Time

Real-Time reports allow you to witness your site’s performance at that very moment. This means you can see who is on your site, where they are coming from, and which pages they are engaging with. This tab is useful if you want to see live reporting on your site—as well as test campaigns and website changes. 

Within Real-Time reporting there are several sub-tabs that allow you to check specific reports in it:

Overview: The first sub-tab within Real-Time, this is the first page you’ll land on when you access the Real-Time report. Here you can see how many people are currently on your website—in addition to data on the top social traffic, referrals, keywords, active pages—all while seeing how long visitors stayed on each

Locations: Just as it sounds, this tab lets you know where your users are coming from. You’ll start at the country level and have the ability to move down to the more granular city level.

Traffic Sources: If you want to know how users found your site—whether from a search engine (like Google, Bing, or Yahoo), a referral from another blog, or even direct traffic—the Traffic Sources tab has the answer. From here, you can see how visitors are coming to the site and even drill down data within the past 30 minutes by selecting the Page views (Last 30 min) option.

Content: This tab shows you which page your users are actively engaging with. You can see the active page they are currently on and its page title. Of course, just like with Traffic Sources, you can select Page views (Last 30 min) to see what content users have engaged with within the last 30 minutes on site.

Events: Events are user interactions with specific actions that can be measured independently from a web page. A few examples of this could be a PDF download, watching a YouTube video, or scrolling to the end of a page. This tab is used to see if any of your active users trigger your events on your site.

Conversions: Finally, we have a real-time conversion tracking tab which allows you to see who completes conversions at this very moment. You can set up conversions for specific goals such as form submissions, phone calls, purchases or anything else relevant to the success of your business.

In essence, Real-Time reports give you a look into what's happening on your site at that very moment. If you have a lot of users coming to your site, this is a great section to dive into and learn what visitors are engaging with and how they are interacting on your site.

It's also a very useful tool for testing out different goals, events, and filters in order to see if they’re working properly on your site. The opportunities are endless! But before we begin to celebrate, we have to answer another question: Who are these people coming onto the site anyway?

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